Nomination Process

  1. Fill the nomination form on our website. Applying for iERP Awards is free. We don’t charge any Nomination fee.

  2. Mail the supporting documents to

  3. Candidate is nominated based on the documents. (5-6 nominations in one category)

Registration Process

  1. Candidate is notified if he is nominated via mail and asked to deposit the registration fee based on the number of categories he is nominated for.

  2. After depositing the registration fee the nomination & registration process are complete.

  3. Candidates shall be provided the Nomination certificates even if they don’t win in a category (only after completing Step No 2. in Registration Process)

Final Award Selection Process (Double Blind Selection Process)

  1. The documents of the candidates are sent to the jury for final award selection in the categories.

  2. The Awards are judged by the panel of Jury using 'Double Blind Selection Process' that consists of distinguished and experienced professionals in the various fields of Medicine. The names of members of Jury are not disclosed. Similarly, the members of jury are not aware of the names of the nominees. In fact, the jury just receives the merit details of the nominees. Also the nominees are not aware of other nominees in their or any other category.

  3. In order to keep the overall awarding process transparent and bias free, the names of judges and jury is not disclosed. It has been noted that making the names of judges available leads to nominees contacting them personally before the ceremony and this creates unnecessary confusion and bias.

  4. All the winners are notified via mail for their achievement.

  5. The names of all the winners shall be listed on the website after the award ceremony.


All the awards that are given to the nominees are based on their academic qualifications and treatment abilities and are solely based on the jury selection. iERP Awards' organizers and jury reserve all the rights to select and determine the potential candidates among nominees to receive awards. Decision of the jury will be final and will be communicated to the nominees. In any case the decision cannot be reversed or changed except for fraudulent nomination. According to the process of selection already listed above, iERP Awards do not guarantee the awards to each nominee. Only the deserving gets the appreciation and the others get the Certificate of Nomination. In any case the fees submitted cannot be refunded. The very nominal fees collected through the nomination is invested in the salary of the employees, maintenance and logistics. No fees can equalize the iERP AWARDS. As already stated iERP AWARDS cannot be bought. iERP awards are conceived by the ISfCMR and ISfHD and both the organizations work in the non profit manner for the upliftment of society.

All the disputes are subjected to Uttarakhand jurisdiction.