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Our mission is to promote the art and science of medicine and celebrate the thankless job of medical practitioners and researchers who burn the midnight oil for the benefit of mankind . International Society for Holistic Dentistry (ISfHD) and International Society for Contemporary Medical Research (ISfCMR) jointly takes the responsibility to honour the best doctors, researchers, clinics, hospitals and colleges. We thank each one of them for their services that they render to the society 24*7.

ISfCMR and ISfHD are one of the country's major providers of medical information and achievements. Independent and apolitical, the Societies promote an exchange of information and ideas on the science, practice and organisation of medicine.

International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research [IJCMR] is an official publication of ISfCMR. It is currently indexed in INDEX MEDICUS [IMSEAR] and INDEX COPERNICUS & is available in both Print (Hardcopy) and Online version (monthly from January, 2016).

International Journal of Contemporary Medicine Surgery and Radiology is also an official publication of ISfCMR. It is currently indexed in INDEX COPERNICUS & is available in both print and online version.

iERP Awards 2018 Event Highlights






Research & Innovation

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Father of Surgery

Author of Sushruta Samhita



Father of Indian Medicine

Author of Charaka Samhita

We have dedicated our awards to the two stalwarts of Medicine in Indian History, Sushruta and Charaka. The recipients of iERP Awards 2018 will be appreciated under these two sub-categories.


Advisory Commitee

Dr. Eugenio Greco MD, PhD

Medical Practitioner, Italy

Dr. Theodoros Aslanidis, MD, PhD

National Center for Emergency Care, Greece

Dr. Ajit Dinkar, BDS, MDS

Professor & Head, Goa Dental College & Hospital, India

Dr. Ana Pejcic DDS, MSc, PhD

Professor, University of Nis, Serbia

Dr. Dhan R. Jangid, MD

Hon. Director, Centre for Integrative and Community Cardiology, India

Dr. N.S. Neki, MD

Prof & Head, Govt. Medical College, India

Dr. A R Pradeep, MDS

Prof & Head, Govt. Dental College & Research, India

Organizing Commitee

Dr. Devanand Gupta

Dr. Devanand Gupta, MDS

Executive Secretary, iERP Awards; Editor in Chief, IJCMR, Holistic Dentist

Medha Gupta

Medha Gupta, B.Tech, MBA

Events Director, iERP Awards

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